Application Service Discovery – Week 15

Most of the work of this project has been concluded, a new module needs to be written which can manage the other three modules written: active discovery, passive discovery, and the mapping module.

This manager module is fairly straightforward: initialise whatever files needed, execute the modules whenever needed, and make they continue executing based on the requirements.

This has been written as well, and the project works as the requirements were set.

A sample output is below:


Application Service Discovery – Week 9

  1. Classify the discovered services, by attaching a tag name to each.
  2. Establish relationships between various services by looking at TCP port, IP address.
  3. Draw a dependency map after all relationships are established.

Finally, show not only the dependency map, but a detailed list of all established relationships between services, servers, and hosts.


Application Service Discovery – Week 6

Last week when I was trying to read data from packets, I came across a lot of garbled or unreadable data. I thought I could be unpacking the packets wrong, but I verified that I wasn’t. I realised that that data was just encrypted data and thus, unless I had the session keys as well, I won’t be able to read that data. I was able to verify this after looking at the packets in wireshark, as wireshark can tell us whether the packet was HTTPS or HTTP.

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