First bike trip (Bangalore-Mangalore-Chikamagalur)

After a year and a half of purchasing a bike, I finally went on a trip with a couple of friends to Mangalore, and Chikmagalur.

We started from Bangalore at 5:30 AM, taking the Outer Ring Road to exit Bangalore. The abstract route was: NH4 till Nelamangala, then take a left towards Hassan and carry on the NH75. We had planned a detour after Hassan to explore the ruins of the Shettihalli Church.

Apparently, the church gets partially submerged during monsoons. Ask the locals for directions, as it isn’t directly accessible by the highway.

After this, we headed towards Mangalore. Riding on the Shiradi ghats wasn’t entirely a thrilling experience due to bad roads, and traffic which wouldn’t let you pass (read KSRTC buses). But, the fag end of the ghats, was singularly the most amazing ride for us, till date. Cruising in sixth gear, in the ghats, with the traffic respecting you by letting you pass!


We obviously visited Pabbas for desserts that night! After a brunch at Ideals Cafe, we headed for Chikmagalur (Charmadi ghats).

We culminated the day after a sumptuous dinner at a mutual friend’s homestay – Thotadhahalli homestay (Rated 10th best homestay in entire India!). Next day’s itinerary was: breakfast at Town Canteen, then Baba Budangiri, Galikere, and top it off with the sunset at Mulayangiri. Most of the riding was done off-road, and the way back was a bliss I can never forget! We were the first ones to arrive at the Mulayangiri peak (Highest peak in Karnataka, at over 6000 feet), and were also the last ones to leave. While heading back in the evening, the entire mountain was ours, with hardly a soul to be found. I honestly cannot put it in words as to how I felt during the descent. It might sound clich├ęd, but we were truly one with nature.

Town Canteen Breakfast
Town Canteen Breakfast
Town Canteen Breakfast
Town Canteen Breakfast
En route Baba budangiri

En route Galikere


Mulayangiri Peak’s steps

Wannabe Simba

Next morning, we headed back to Bangalore.

Feel free to ask me any questions, suggestions you might have.


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  1. Eeeyy! Nyce photos dooood! Looks like a cool ride. That bonda-smoke shop just after charmadi ghats is a chill location maan! Was it tiring? Also, try HDR photography next time.. so that all bevarsis can spend more time staring at the screen.

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